Dhrupad Gurukul

Even in today’s times, Dhrupad music has stayed true to its original form and has maintained its purity. Through the ages, though it has gained popularity all over North India, Dhrupad music has not really caught on in Maharashtra. It is to serve this lacuna and to make Dhrupad music and culture accessible to all music lovers that Dhrupad Gurukul took birth. Dhrupad is one of the most ancient forms of music from which all other forms of Indian music are derived, and is often considered the mother of all forms of music. As you begin to learn Dhrupad music, you will realize the importance of the tanpura and voice culture. You will learn how voice (energy) or sound (Naad) can be generated from your lower abdomen (Muladhar Chakra) and conveyed to the Mashtishka (Sahasar Chakra), and how this sound/voice energy and resonance are utilized with respect to the tanpura.


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Dhrupad Gurukul - An Institute for Dhrupad Music(best Vocal and Flute Classes In Pune ) द्रुपद गुरुकुल - अन इन्स्टिट्यूट फॉर द्रुपद म्युझिक(बेस्ट वोकल आणि फ्लोट क्लासेस इन पुणे )


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Dhrupad Gurukul - An Institute for Dhrupad Music(best Vocal and Flute Classes In Pune )